Hi, my name is Alexa

I am a full stack web developer with a background in hardware and software troubleshooting. I love to learn new things and solve problems. Web devlopment keeps me on my toes and helps me to always be learning and growing.
When I am not coding you can probably find me hiking, climbing, snowboarding, practicing yoga, sailing a drascombe longboat or reading fantasy novels. I am a hard worker, I love to code and I am excited about building awesome applications and amazing solutions for today's tech problems.

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Zero Waste Shop

Personally Developed Web Application

React | HTML | PostgreSQL | Redux | Node | Auth0


Full stack E-commerce web store that allows users to browse products, add and edit cart and checkout using the Stripe api.

  • Wireframed and designed all aspects of application
  • Allows users to log in using Auth0 authentication
  • Used Redux to manage state throughout application
  • Used mobile first design to make application fully responsive
Code available at: https://github.com/ahart4589/zero-waste-shop

GeoNet Medical Response

Group Developed Web Application

React | HTML | PostgreSQL | Redux | Node | ArcGis | Auth0 | Twilio


GeoNet Medical Response is an sms based emergency response system. Users message a virtual number hosted on Twilio that connects to a Node.js server. This server sends and receives messages and based on the sms content it receives it can initiate an emergecncy alert to the nearest health worker in the event of an emergency. During the registration users provide a What3words address that is geocoded to a latitude and longitude. Users complete a background survey during the registration process which is stored in a database. The information from the database is used to display the applications front end where all registered patients are tracked and emergency alerts are displayed in real time.

  • A web application for connecting people in hard to reach communities with medical goods and services. It takes in SMS input and displays data in a dashboard.
  • Developed the server-side SMS chatbot and developed components for frontend using React and ArcGis.
Code available at: https://github.com/ahart4589/group-project

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